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Wandering the Art Museum with Mom



I took my mom to the Art Museum for Mother’s Day, and got a chance to learn just as much about her, as I did the artwork inside. She shared with me that pointillism may be her favorite impressionist style because she loves the complexity of being able to look at something from various perspectives and see totally different dimensions. There is no more apt metaphor for describing my mom.

At her most surface level, my mom is a compassionate, interested Jewish mother. At her deeper levels, she’s a survivor, and a fighter, a fierce advocate and a scared wife and life partner, and she’s been the head of our family for a long time, taking on the good and bad. She opens her mind, even when she doesn’t really want to, and she’s not only embraced and supported every whim or life change of mine, but she’s tried to get on my level to understand my passion for it all. She’s funny, and encyclopedic, and gets dressed up to go to concerts, and has opinions about French Impressionism.

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